Simply put, our Company Registration process works as follows:
  • You register as a user on our website
  • You fill in the Company Registration form online
  • You make payment
  • We reserve your names
  • One of your names gets approved
  • We prepare registration documents for submission to CIPC
  • We submit final registration documents to the CIPC
  • CIPC finalizes the registration
  • We deliver the registration to you
No, since May 2011, it is no longer possible to register a CC. However, if you had a registered CC before May 2011, you can continue to trade using your CC indefinitely
To register a company you need the following:
  • Fill in company and director details
  • Provide an ID or passport (only non-South African) for each director
  • Complete a Limited Power of Attorney which we provide

Click HERE to register a company
Generally speaking, it is better to register a brand new company. Few instances exist where it is crucial that registration documentation be obtained in less than 15 working days (this is the general timeline that we finalise company registratinos).

However, in some cases (eg, an urgent contract needs to be signed up, or a tender will be closing soon), it then becomes a better idea to buy a shelf company
The company registration fee is all inclusive. The only additional fee that you will need to pay is after the first 12 months. CIPC requires you to pay annual returns every year, after the first 12 months from the day that your company was first registered.
You can check on the progress of your registration at any time by visiting the Client Area.

By making use of the Client Area, you can check on the progress at any time any day, 24/7
When we have received your documents (ID, LPOA, etc) we will update this on our system. Once we have done this, you will automatically receive an SMS and an email from our system.

You can also login in to the Client Area at any time and you will be able to see if there are any documents that we still need to receive from you
We will provide you with the following documents which you will be able to trade with:
  • COR15.1A
  • COR14.1
  • COR14.1A
  • COR14.3
Yes, one person can form a company.
We offer a host of business registration services at competitive prices. Click HERE for our complete price list and service listing
Yes, one or all the directors of a Company can be foreigners, as long as the registered address of the Company is in South Africa.

If the foreign national has not been issued with a South African ID, an affidavit must be provided stating the following:
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport Number
  • Citizenship
  • A statement of the intention to register a CC in South Afica
  • The reason why no identity document can be supplied
This affidavit must then be signed and stamped by a commissioner of oaths or a police officer.
Anyone can use this website. Our clients range from accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers, entrepreneurs and individuals.

At Company Masters, we have endeavored to create a simple to use website that anyone can operate regardless of computer literacy. The website is designed to enable you to quickly place you order and then go about your business in the confidence that your service request is in goods hands.
Yes, Company Masters is part of a group of financial services companies. This allows us to provide the following services:
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Preparation of files for audit
  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of budgets
  • Setting up of financial systems and cash flow management systems
  • Business plans and business improvement plans
  • Capital and Fund Raising
  • Financial due diligence
  • Sale of financial software
  • Submission of all SARS returns
CLICK HERE to enquire about out other services.
No, all our shelf companies have never traded and are therefore dormant. When you receive you shelf company or shelf CC, you will receive a letter stating this fact.
Yes, the shelf companies are registered as “general trading”
In respect of new companies, a bank account can be opened as soon as the business has been registered and you have received the registration documentation.

In the case of shelf companies, you will only be able to open a bank account ,and therefore trade, once you have been registered as a director and shareholder of the company.
When choosing your name it is important to choose a name that will most likely be accepted by CIPC otherwise this can cause delays in the registration process.

Avoid names containing “International” , “Projects” or “National” for example Johannesburg International, Johannesburg Projects or Johannesburg National.
These names will likely be rejected by Cipro as they can be misleading.

Our Company Registration form (name section) allows you to test whether the name that you are thinking about, already exisits.
Exempted Micro Enterprises (EMEs) and Qualifying Small Entities (QSEs) that are more than 50% black owned, no longer can get BEE Certificates.
These entities can obtain BEE Affidavits. Click on BEE Affidavit to apply for a BEE Affidavit

An Exempted Micro Enterprise is one whose income is less than R10 million for a twelve month period.

A Qualifying Small Entity is one whose income is between R10 million and R50 million over a 12 month period.
Black means a black African, indian, coloured, Chinese person who was a citizen of South Africa before April 1994 or are South African by birth
The following BEE levels are possible for EMEs and qualifying QSEs:

Level 1 - if the business is 100% owned by black South Africans
Level 2 - if the business is between 51% and 99% owned by black South Aficans
Level 4 - If the business is 50% or less owned by black South Africans
A share certificate is a written document signed on behalf of a company and serves as legal proof of ownership of the number of shares indicated.

Share certificates are needed by many institutions for them to transact with you. These institutions include, banks, government departments, etc. Apply for a share certificate here
Both the Letter of Good Standing and registration for Workmans Compensation, are done through the Compensation Fund.
You need to register for Workmans Compensation first before you can apply for a letter of Good Standing.
Think about it like having a drivers licence and applying for an annual licence disk.
You need to first obtain a drivers licence before you can get a licence disk every year

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